With senior-level corporate experience across the board, we’ve managed large research departments on both the client-side and supplier-side. We’ve run entire businesses and organizations and seen research that works, and research that completely misses the mark.



Professional Cognitive Anthropologist
Expert in research methods, design and analytics, innovation and design thinking


I love research because it's like solving puzzles every day.

And I've always been an innovator - even when I didn't know it. From helping major companies redesign the customer experience, to testing and developing apps and virtual service concepts, to helping design one of Canada's first bank branches of the future, I've been solving puzzles for years.

I've been lucky to mentor under some of the world's most famous authors and design thinkers, but I'm most inspired by my buddy who you could call a "hurdler" - he never takes no for an answer and always finds a way to see the next possibility.

I was the first student admitted into the Ph.D. program in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Calgary, and went on to work as Vice President and Managing Director at Ipsos-Reid and Head of Intelligence and Innovation at ATB Financial.


  • I love it when ads win awards for being effective, instead of just for being pretty.
  • My path to becoming a cognitive anthropologist included slight detours in education and law until I found my passion.
  • I not-so-secretly wish we were in the 1980s right now.
  • I play a killer lead guitar...at the concerts I hold in my head.



Expert at using research and insights to build and grow winning organizations


I attribute my very diverse career to the individuals and mentors that have come into my world through my work and in life. You never know who might open that door or create an opportunity that will challenge you and inspire you to do amazing things.

I'm an experienced professional skilled in General Management, Government and Stakeholder Relations, Communications, Event Management and Research.

I've brought my unique perspective and background to roles that include President & CEO of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, VP of People and Stakeholder Relations at Richberry Group of Companies, COO of Alpine Canada, and COO of Own the Podium 2000.


  • I love the indulgence that comes with savouring a piece of expensive chocolate.
  • I make sure there's a decent swimming pool wherever I travel.
  • When it's really busy, I make a point of sneaking in a workout.


Tu Weissenberger

Senior Associate
Economics and Finance Leader
Expert in market opportunity assessments, strategy and risk


I see things that others don't see and I find solutions that aren't obvious.

My globetrotting aunt inspired me to be curious, and to love art, music and good food. I'm as deeply in love with my mountain lake house in BC as I am with NYC, London, Paris and Singapore. They're places deeply rooted in history.

I'm an economics and finance leader with over 20 years of experience, and an expert in evironmental scans, market opportunity assessment, strategy and risk. My work has included positions at RBC Royal Bank, Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission and Mount Royal University.

I hold a Masters of Arts in Economics with a specialization in Law and Economics from the University of Calgary; an Institute of Corporate Directors Designation (ICD.D) from the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management and Risk Management and Corporate Governance at Harvard Business School for Executive Education.


  • I love very good cheese and chocolate (though not together!).
  • In my free time, you'll find me travelling, cooking for friends, reading, doing yoga, barre fitness and pilates.
  • Speaking of reading, my favourite place to spend a few hours is Powell's Books in Portland, OR.
  • I'm passionate about piano, and spent seven years on the board of the Honens International Piano Competition.



Senior Associate
Cognitive Psychologist
Expert in UX research, innovation and design thinking


I focus on listening and co-creating, because people want to be heard.

It's not enough to simply direct messages towards people. I realized a few years ago that the traditional market research and strategy models we apply in advertising are missing an incredible opportunity. By focusing on qualitative and user-centric reasearch, we can bridge design thinking, innovation and business.

My background is in cognitive psychology and HCI. I've studied Design Thinking, and Design Research and Facilitation at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. I have a Gold Cannes Lion Award. I'm a Design Thinking Facilitator, Director of Thought Leadership for the BC American Marketing Association, and a Disruptive Innovation Trends Educator. I look for ways to partner with companies to bring user insights to the forefront of brand and product experiences.

I've brought my passion for this innovative way of thinking to various roles at PH1 Media, The&Partnership Advertising, Wasserman + Partners Advertising, Elvis Communications, Grey Advertising and University of British Columbia, as well as to clients like TELUS, Honda, ICBC, BCLC, United Nations of Canada, Starbucks, BC Liquor Distribution Branch, BC Parks & Recreation Association, ADT Security, Translink, Canfor, Government of Canada, Destination BC, GGRP, Graphtech, WirelessWave and Tbooth.


  • I love biking the Vancouver seawall, diving along coral reefs and small, remote islands.
  • A well-spent afternoon includes browsing in bakeries and flower shops. I've especially got a weakness for croissants.
  • Listen to Max Richter at full volume. Just do it, and get back to me on how amazing it was.
  • I've taught workshops around the world, but my favourite places are Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest, and Medellin.



Senior Associate
Marketing Scientist
Expert in quantitative research and data modeling


I am inspired by brilliant people who challenge convention: Bertrand Russell, Arthur Schopenhauer and many others.

I've worked with a number of brilliant people throughout my career. I was Senior Vice President at NRG Research Group, President at Millenia Market Strategies, Director of Special Projects at CGT Research Group and a Senior Analyst at Ipsos-Reid.

And I've been inspired in my work with clients like TELUS, Reebok, Vancity, HSBC, Toyota, Honda, Nordstrom, Microsoft, Dell, Hasbro, Swarovski, BC Hydro, ICBC, BCAA, ENMAX, Dunkin' Donuts, Fortis, MEC and Starbucks.


  • I'm an avid hiker, off-roader and outdoorsman.
  • I love math problems and thought experiments.
  • I have a bucket list goal of building an earthship in the Cariboo Chilcotin area of BC.
  • I'm a vegetarian and an advocate for animal (including human) rights.



Senior Associate
Executive Marketer
Expert in branding


My personal mantra is fortuna audaces iuvat - fortune favours the bold.

Companies bold enough to embrace their brand beyond what they say into what everyone does inspire me in my work every day. I've led the branding of over 50 company and product brands, and that's really the key.

I've served as VP Marketing at ATB Financial, CEO at AdFarm, VP Canada at Newpark, EVP at Adculture, Product Manager at DuPont and Product Manager at Novartis. In addition, I've worked with bold clients like Finning/Caterpillar, Canadian Western Bank, Servus Credit Union, Stuart Olson, West Edmonton Mall, Desjardin, Edmonton International Airport, Canadian North Airlines, OPI Systems, AIMCo, Transcend Coffee and UNA Pizza & Wine.


  • I prefer driving on two wheels rather than four, when the weather allows.
  • I’m a marketing nerd – even my hobbies are marketing oriented.
  • I believe the traditional agency model is going the way of the dodo bird.
  • I believe any point can be made with three supporting points – so I don’t have a fourth fact to share here.